Alexander wishes he could drive it.

It was a good thing that the EV1 had a "Traction Control" system or you would burn those front tires off in a week.

The lines of the car remind me of the Citerön, the swoop of the back end and the rear wheel skirts.  In my opinion, it made for a sleek looking car.  Like the Citerön, the real wheel track is narrower than the front wheels.  This makes it handle a little strange if/when you hit a bump in the middle of a turn (my only real handling complaint).

Here I am with our youngest, Alexander.  He really loved to ride in this car.  He said, "It sounds like a spaceship when you takeoff."  I must admit that I felt the same way many times.  The EV1 had surprising acceleration for a vehicle that made little or no noise.  Sitting next to a Corvette at the light brought great satisfaction when the light turned green for about the first 30 or so feet when the EV1 would jump into the lead.

The markings on the EV1 were such that they did not shout at you the fact that it was an all electric vehicle.  The small emblems on the front fenders and the small tag on the back were the only indications that the car was anything special.  Unless you started looking for the tail pipe (that wasn't there).

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