You Can Do It If You Try!

This was the Impact. A hand-built prototype.

We were lucky enough to be involved with the General Motors Electric Vehicle program.  It started with the Impact, pictured above.
This was a hand built prototype that drove quite well and had a lot of zip.  The only complaint we had was the whine that the transmission made (much improved in the EV1 version).  With only one gear, it made for a smooth transfer of power to the wheels.

On the next pages are some of the pictures I managed to take during our year long experience with the
EV1.  I might even have an AVI clip so you can hear the ride. Notice the Police on the left.
Short Ride Clip

So please head on over and take a good look at the 1999 GM EV1.  It was one of the most enjoyable cars I have ever driven.

Lets Go!

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