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A little over a week ago, Laurie and I decided that our Jack Russell Terrier, Chipper, needed a new friend to help him out around the house.  Chipper lost sight in his right eye due to glaucoma (if you have dogs or cats, please have them checked for this after age 2 and every year thereafter).  Laurie started talking with folks at her office about Jack Russell Terriers.  There were quite a few owners.  One mentioned she knew a couple that bred them (she herself had a JRT from them) and said she thought there was a new litter available.  Well, Laurie contacted them, and sure enough, they asked us to come on out and see them.

Well, we were looking for a little girl (thinking that she would get along better with Chipper) and they had three to choose from.  We chose a cute little bundle of fur and named her Moxie (after a dog I once had).  Her eyes were not yet open (they were about a week or so old) but she just looked and felt like the one for us. 

Enough story.  Here are some photos we took on May 31st.  She is 3 weeks and 2 days old here.  Click on a photo to download a larger one.

          She is a pistol.

This next series of pictures was taken today, June 12th.  Moxie is almost two weeks older (we are having a hard time staying away from her...but she lives 55 miles away) and as you can see, she and the other pups have grown.  They are so active and love to play their little puppy games.  Then they quickly settle down for some food and a snooze.  Such a life.  Cam and Doc Cofer are the breeders of these dogs.  I am not sure how many years (over 8, I'm sure) they have been doing this, but we can tell that they really love it.  They treat all the dogs as part of their family (each dog has its special place to sleep in the house with them at night).  I am including their e-mail address so that if you are looking for a Jack Russell pup, please drop them a note.  I know they have another litter that is around 2 or 3 weeks old (big puppies) that need good homes.



Today (24 June 2004) Moxie came home with us.  When Doc brought her out to us, she leapt into my arms and starting licking my face and neck.  You would have thought that she missed me.  In fact, Doc said that when we left her on the 12th of June, she cried for hours (poor thing).  Well, she was ready to blow that popsicle stand and head out on her own.  As this next little set of photos show, she has made herself quite at home.  Chipper has been a gracious host and has had to scold her only once.  Here are the first photos taken at her new home.  Naturally, there will be more added in the near future.  I almost forgot:  She weighs in at 3.1 lbs now.

Laurie with Moxie asleep in her arms.  Moxie and Chipper, nose to nose.  Moxie giving Alexander a wet kiss.  Moxie checking out her crate.  "Am I hot stuff, or what!"  Moxie & Chipper share a chewy.

Due to the overwhelming response...

Here are more photos of Moxie.  These were all taken today (29 June 2004) and I am not sure if you can tell that she is growing or not.  She seems to be losing some of her puppy stomach.  Chipper continues to "teach" her what is acceptable behavior around him.  As you can see, they are beginning to do a little bonding.

It looks like a dance but Moxie is giving Chipper a kiss.      Moxie has taken over one of Chipper's toys.  A rare quiet moment.

More still to come...

These were taken yesterday (7 July 2004) and you can see that Chipper and Moxie are playing better with each other.  They are a hoot!

  "Please?!?"  "I am so cute.  May I have the ball?"  Looking on as Chipper plays with a ball.  "Please may I have the ball?"  I wish I knew what they were saying.  Ok, I give up!

She is Growing...

These pictures were taken 16 & 17 July.  Moxie is nine weeks old now and has earned  the name Moxzilla.  She has no fear of Chipper in the least and drives him to the brink daily.  All in all she is a good pup and is learning where she should and should NOT go potty.

Chipper & Moxie  Won't you play ball with me?  "Sharing" a meal.    Posted under protest from my wife.

And Growing...

Pictures from the week of the 24th and 31st.


Sorry I have not been keeping the pictures coming...

Moxie has started slowing down on her growth spurts.  These photos are from age 11 weeks thru 13 weeks.  Not very much change to me.  But as you can see, she is still pretty cute.

Alexander getting one more snuggle before the 1st day of school.  One happy boy.  Both dogs asleep in his lap.  Moxie and Laurie  Do you think food is involved?

Here are a few recent photos.  She keeps getting bigger and bigger.


Click on any of the pictures above and it will download a larger image.  All pictures have been resized to download quickly (well, they started out as 4mb photos).


Link for the hummingbird video1 and video2.


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