Rome - February, 2001


105-0567_s.JPG (84094 bytes)  What can I say about Rome that has not been said many times over.  It is such a city.  And no trip to Rome is complete without a stop here, at St. Peter's.  The moon and Jupiter were bright that night.  As you know, there is no parking here and I was dropped off (almost thrown out of a moving car) to grab this photo while the car circled back around to pick me up before the Police ran us off, or worse.

105-0577_s.JPG (79536 bytes)  Inside is a breathtaking view.  The artwork within these walls is truly incredible.

105-0600_s.JPG (67312 bytes)  Another "must see" is the Trevi Fountain.  I hear that summertime can make this place an interesting spectacle.  The waters looked clean and cool.  The next time we go there we will throw our coins in.

Turtle Fountain.jpg (54689 bytes)  I am not sure where the "Turtle Fountain" is located.  But our guides had to show it to us.  We were walking very fast that evening.

105-0569_s.JPG (75616 bytes)  The "Spanish Steps".  What a place and vantage point to look over the city.  At night the place takes on a new dimension.  The place is a gathering spot for many sorts of night people.

105-0572_s.JPG (62259 bytes)   This is looking back up the Spanish Steps.  Interesting people abound.

106-0606_s.JPG (64112 bytes)  The "Smart Car" is a very smart way to get around the city.  You can just about park it in your pocket.

  There are many places within Rome that contain ruins from the past.  In the US, these areas would have been cleared and strip malls built.  Notice in the background how the very old and the nearly old join together.

  The Coliseum was being renovated while we were there.  I look forward to seeing the results.  For a place that held death as a spectacle, it was an achievement of architecture.


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