Avondale Estates, Ga.

These photos are some of the very few that capture the whole family I grew up with.  Mom and Mary have passed away and these pictures bring a bittersweet sadness to my heart.  Also, my sister, Nancy, lost her youngest, Shannon, in a house fire.  She would have been 18 this year.  - Dan Guy, 2004


Update  -  With Dad's passing on 4 December, 2010, the Avondale Estates connection is no longer.  We will miss him.  More information can be found in his obituary and an article by a local newspaper.


Dan, Travis, Lindsay & Laurie - 1989  The "whole" family - 1976  The whole family - 1976  A little closer on the shot.  The whole family plus extras.

The family - 1989  The family - 1989  Mary with Dad - 197x  Mary with Mom - 197x